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The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Chords

Dm  G
[Verse 1]
    Dm         G        C
The first time...ever I saw your face, 
Am7                    Em7       F
I thought the sun your eyes.
C                       G          C
 And the moon and stars...were the gifts you gave,
        Bb                    C
To the dark...and the endless sky, my love.
[Verse 2]
        Dm         G        C
And the first time...ever I kissed your mouth,
Am7                   Em7          F
I felt the earth move...through my hands.
C                         G              C
 Like the trembling heart...of a captive bird
Bb                        C
That was my command, my love
[Verse 3]
        Dm         G        C
And the first time...ever I laid with you,
Am7               Em7           F
I felt your close to mine.
      C            G       C
And I know our joy...would fill the earth,
    Bb                     C
And last...till the end of time, my love.
Dm    Dm          C      G   C              Dm  
The first time...ever I saw...your...face.      
your...face.    Your...face.
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