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The New 23rd Chords

C                      F
Because the Lord is my Shepherd,
       G                 C
I have everything that I need!
   F            C  F
He lets me rest in meadows green
    C       G7          C
And leads me beside the quiet stream.
   F           C   F
He keeps on giving life to me
    C           G7             C
And helps me to do what honors Him the most.
Am                Am7
Even when walking through
The dark valley of death,
Valley of death,
Am        G  Am
I will never be afraid,
D   G     F       Em    G7
For He is close beside me.
C                         F
Guarding, guiding all the way,
   G                 C
He spreads a feast before me
       F        C     F
In the presence of my enemies
   C         G7       C
He welcomes me as His special guest
C                 A
With blessing overflowing.
    D        Dm            E
His goodness and unfailing kindness
         Am      E         Am
Shall be with me all of my life,
    D       Dm G7     C
And afterwards I will live with Him,
C  Ab       F
Forever, forever!
F      C        F           C
In His home, forever in His home
   F           C
Forever in His home.
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