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The Past Chords

G C Bm D
G C Bm D
G                 C
 I was wrong when i hurt you
D                    Bm
 But did you have to hurt me too
Em             Am                  D
Did you think revenge will make it better?
G               C
 I don't care about the past
D                Bm
I just want our love to last
Em                Am            D
There's a way to bring us back together
        C          D
I must forgive you
     C     Bm           Em
You must forgive me too
             C                 D
If we wanna try to put things back
              G         Em
The way they used to be
                    C             D
'cause there's no sense in going over and over
     Bm              Em
The same things as before
    Am                   D
So let's not bring the past up anymore
[Fill in]
(C Bm D)
G               C
Out of all the good we had
D               Bm
You only keep track of the bad
Em                 Am            D   , ,   -
Though you knew i never really loved her
G              C
Didn't anyone tell you yet
D                  Bm
That to forgive is to forget
Em             Am                 D
How can you be mad if you don't remember
[Repeat Chorus]
C        D
I must forgive you
      Bm                 Em
And you must forgive me too
Am             D
It's the only thing that's left
          G            Dm  - G
That we haven't try to do
C                   D
One thing that i'm sure will work
         Bm              Em
That we haven't tried before
Am                   D            G
Let's not bring the past back anymore
C Bm D  G

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