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The Ribbon Chords

A  D  A
A  D  A
A  D  F#m
E  Bm
A  D  A
The ribbon is cut
     A           C#m
Now cameras are gone
    D            F#m
The news are all one
     E       Bm
The party goes on
A              C#m
Done, it’s been said
    A           C#m
And up goes the flag
   D            F#m
An ox has been killed
      E        Bm
In display the head
     A    C#m
Then he came to me
A           C#m
Born with a heart
   D             F#m
He poured me the one
E          Bm
Fixed me up straight
Son, he said I knew you would
Hell can only do you good
You’ll be where you should
     D            F#m   E
So I kissed the ring
I missed the hand
Ask who you must
A          C#m
Faith it is trust
     D         F#m
And justice be made
    E         Bm
For numbers we pray
  A         C#m
A woman made blind
     A        C#m
With angels at guard
D            F#m
Servants of lords
       E           Bm
With a scale and a sword
      A          C#m
She’s looking at me
    A     C#m
She sees through the night
  D        F#m
A hit and run
E         Bm
No one in sight
Boy, she said You oughta know
Classifieds will never show
What the aces do
       D         F#m  E  Bm
To the queen of hearts
I know
Intro 3x
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