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Three Hearts As One Chords

Capo 4(Key: Dbm)

[Verse 1]
   Am             G          Em         Am
We tilled Skyrim's ground, despite frozen toil.
   Am        G             Dm         Am
We tended the Kwama beneath Morrowind's soil.
   F          G         Am          D
We hunted the Wamasu in Blackmarsh's glades.
   F                E          Am
We three hearts had no need for blades.
[Chorus 1]
          F             C     
Then they came from the seas, 
        G             D
folded steal in their hands.
      F              G         Dm
They burned down our homes and ravaged our lands.
   F             G          D
Akaviri brought nothing but bloodshed and lies,
     F             Em                Am
Our families were slain... before our eyes.
[Verse 3]
     Am            Dm       
With three separate people, 
   G              Am
they shared a cruel joke.
  F              G            Am
A choice between death or the yoke.
    F              G           Am           D
But then our three people knew what must be done,
   D        Am           E
to end the oppression, our three became one!
[Chorus 2]
Am       G        Dm       C
Forged by war, the Ebonheart rose!
    F            C    G           Am
And drove the Akaviri back to the sea!
         F       G              G#m         Am
When the enemies begged for the mercy they lacked,
      F         C            
Three voices as one shouted, 
 G             Am
"Blood for the Pact!"
Am       G        Dm      Am
Forged by war, our story be told.
   F            C        
No shackles can hold us, 
        Em          Am
whether moonstone or gold.
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