C Am F G
C Am Em F G C
[Verse 1]
C                       Am
   Recoge tu equipaje y vete
F             G
   Obviamente no vamos a funcionar
C                  Am
  Puñeta, no soy tu juguete
F                   G
  Te has dedicado a joderme y fastidiar
C               Am
Tú, tú, tú eres loca
F                      G
Y mi temple ya no te soporta
         C                 Am
Creo que yo, yo, yo fui paciente
    F                     Am
Recomiendo el psiquiátrico urgente
Llévate todos mis planes
G#           G             A    G F#m
El perro, la plata, lo que yo invertí
   F                    C
Te regalo un vuelo a la mierda
        Em      D  Dm          G
De ida sin vuelta muy lejos de mi
[Verse 2]
Don't know, don't know, don't know
            C                       Am
I don't know why I ever fucked with you
And you can keep the house
I'll burn it down, instead
C                           Am
Go tell the doctor that you made me crazy
F                        G
Blame me for demons that you put in my head
C                  Am
Too, too, too many nights out
With a new chick
You thought I wouldn't find out
     C                     Am
Only new, new, new love is easy
         F                            G
Boy, you never ever, ever knew how to treat me
Am                  G#
Entre el cielo y la tierra
No hay nada oculto
           G       F#m
Me lo vas a pagar
   F                  Em
Go tell your mama she messed up
You ain't the only that's fed up
Not going to find another me
Gm        F#      F
You ain't gon' no, no
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