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Unglow Chords

Dm                      C
    Late night at the station
    Got me some rattlesnakes
Dm                 C            G  
    Candy come be comfort to me
Dm                       C
    I don’t want to be scared
    Sitting waiting for the   train
         Dm                    C
    But that is the world I am in
    That is the world I am in

             F             _
    And I dreamt I saw a spaceship
G              _             (F)
    Falling towards New York City
F                     _
    Felt the fire on my skin
G                    _                  
   Then I floated away like a ribbon in
the wind
F                     _   G   _
    Like a ribbon in the wind
            C               G
    And it hurt me for a second
    Then it didn’t

[Verse 2]
Dm                   C
    Flash! Goes the goldfish
          G               _
    The bears are dancing up in heaven
Dm        C               G    _
    Cardinal ruffle the leaves
Dm                 C             
   And the bird dies, 
 G          _
mid-flight,   midnight
      Dm                          C  
   I try not to think about what 
                    G  _
doesn’t make sense to me

      F                        _
    Staring at the big white mountain
     G              _                 
   Snow is falling down, it’s falling 
F                     _
    Like a body in a casket
       G                            _  
   And all those things you can’t wrap 
your mind around
F                            _  G   _
    Don’t know what I was expecting
              E7            _  Am  _
    I cannot see without rejecting
               F  _      G   _
    I want to see everything

[Verse 3]
            Dm                  C
Well then I don’t know how to be in this
     G                     _
If I can’t unknow what I thought I’ve 
   Dm                 C
I can’t unwhale the wail
                G  _
Unglow the glow

        Dm  C  G  _
Unglow the
        Dm  C  G  _
Unglow the
        Dm  C  G  _
Unglow the
        Dm  C  G  _  _
Unglow the

Dm | C | G | G | x9
Dm |
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