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Waes Me For Prince Charlie Chords

[Verse 1]
  D        Em       A7      D
A wee bird cam' tae oor ha' door
    G  D   Em       C   D
And oh but he sang sweetly
    G       Em      A7      D
An' aye the o'ercome o' his song
    G         Em         C   D
⁠Was "Wae's me for Prince Charlie!"
D                    G
Oh! when I heard the bonnie bonnie bird
    D                   G   D
The tears cam' droppin' rarely
D                G
I took my bannet frae my heid
           Em           C   D
⁠For weel I lo'ed Prince Charlie.
[Verse 2]
     G      Em       A7     D
Says I, "My bird, my bonnie bonnie bird
G         Em       C  D
⁠Is that a song you borrow
    G          Em          A7        D
Are these some words ye've learnt by heart
             Em       C  D
⁠Or a lilt o' dool an' sorrow?"
"Oh! no, oh no," the wee bird cried
      D                   G  D
⁠"I've flown since mornin' early
But such a day o' wind and rain—
             Em         C   D
⁠Oh! wae's me for Prince Charlie!
[Verse 3]
    G          Em      A7     D
"On hills that are, by right, his ain
   G       Em     C    D
⁠He roves a lanely stranger
   G     Em        A7         D
On every side he's press'd by want
   G     Em      C  D
⁠On every side is danger
Yestreen I met him in the glen
   D                   G   D
⁠My heart maist burstit fairly
For greatly chang'd indeed was he—
             Em         C   D
⁠Oh! wae's me for Prince Charlie!
[Verse 4]
             Em       D
But then the bird saw some red coats
                 Em        C D
⁠An' he sheuk his wings wi' anger
             Em     D
"Oh! this is no the land for me
           Em   Dm  C  D
⁠I'll tarry here nae longer.
I saw he hover on the wing
    D           G   D
⁠Ere he departed fairly
But weel I mind the fareweel strain
⁠Was, "Wae's me for Prince Charlie!"
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