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Way Over Yonder Chords

Capo: 1st fret (C#)

C               F   C           Am
Way over a place that I know..
                 Dm            G         C  F C
where I can find shelter from a-hunger and cold.
C            Am     A
And the sweet tastin' good life, is so easily
Dm    G       Dm     G               C    F C
found..way over yonder, that's where I'm bound.
C G          C        F C              Am  G
I  know when I get there....the first thing I'll see..
       G          Dm             G            C F C
is the sun shining golden..shining right down on me.
               Am   A                         Dm
Then trouble's gonna lose me..worry, leave me behind.
                  C       G               F
And I'll stand up true peace of mind.
Dm              G
Talkin' about-A..talkin' about-A..
G       C F   C                Am
Way over yonder, is a place I have a garden
   Dm     G                 C     A
of wisdom..from some long ago dream..oh, yeah.
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