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Capo 4th fret
Original Key: B

               G     C
Stitch up this heart
             G   C
And hide it away
                    G        C
I keep it somewhere dark and safe
                 Em  D
Watch it fade to grey
Am               G   C
I still feel this way
                        G    C
When light catches your face
               G         C
You open these stitches again
                Em  D
When I see your face
When I see your face
I guess what I'm saying is 
I don't wanna die alone
Keep looking around and there's 
 D                   C
nowhere left for me to roam
I can't keep my head up
There's nowhere left to go alow
               Em  D
Please take me home
And now we're standing here with blood on our hands
    D      G                       Em   D
You tear me open and dig through my chest
I'm so sad and cold with the spaces you left
               G                           Em  D
I stitch up my heart again and lay this to rest
   G    C
To rest
G  C  G  C Em D A

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